We require that payment of any remaining balance be made to the driver before he sets up the inflatable at your location.  If you do not have payment (or do not have the full amount) at that time, our drivers will not set up the inflatable unless prior arrangements have been made.

AirCastles Inflatables is happy to accept cash for all transactions.  We will accept a personal check with a driver's license and check guarantee card (please note that a $20 service fee will apply to all returned checks).  We are also accepting deposits through PayPal and can accept Visa, MasterCard, etc., but the remaining amount will be due to our driver upon delivery.   We are charged 2.9% plus $0.30 on each PayPal transaction and we absorb this cost on the $35 deposit transaction.  Should you need to process your entire transaction using PayPal, we will have to add this fee onto your total as it gets too large to absorb.


General - Cancellations one week or more before the scheduled event can receive a full refund of the deposit paid (less the processing fee).  Cancellations within one week of the scheduled event will forfeit the deposit as it is very difficult to reschedule the event in such a short time and we have often turned down requests in order to hold the reservation.

Due to Weather - At AirCastles Inflatables we realize that the weather is unpredictable and is out of everyone's control.  If it is raining at your location within 2 hours of your event or at the time of the driver's arrival, we will allow you to cancel without penalty (other than the processing fee on your deposit if cancelled prior to driver arrival or a driver fee if the driver has arrived).  The deposit (or portion thereof) will be returned to you by mail or electronically.  

If it is only cloudy, as it often is in Charlotte, or rain is predicted, but hasn't happened, that is not considered grounds for cancellation.  However, once we have set up the inflatable and the driver has left your location, we can no longer offer any refunds. 

If you are worried about rain and would like to change your reservation to our Indoor Unit, let us know at least 1 hour prior to your rental so we can have the driver switch out the units.  After we have set up the unit you ordered, any requests for changes in the reserved unit will incur an additional charge for the second unit.

Cancellations within one week of your event due to predicted rain will not receive a refund as rain predictions are often incorrect, but we would be happy to reschedule your event.


If you would like AirCastles Inflatables to put the bounce in your party, please visit our Rental Equipment page and then book online or contact us to schedule a rental.

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