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All prices shown are for a four hour rental and do not include 7.25% sales tax.
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Concessions: If you order a Bouncer, a Concession and a Bubble Machine, your order will be converted to a "Party Package" and you will receive a $10 discount on the total order.

Accessories: Most rentals do not require a generator unless you are at a park with no power available.
There are no setup or takedown charges, however, depending on the distance to your rental, there may be a small fuel charge as follows. When we check availability, we will also check mileage and let you know.
0-5 miles - Free Delivery
5-10 miles - $5
10-15 miles - $10
15-20 miles - $15
20-25 miles - $25
25-30 miles - $30
30-35 miles - $40